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Skilled Representation in Colorado Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Recovering damages against a corporate defendant in a semi and truck accident case isn’t the same as settling a car accident case under a consumer auto insurance policy. Typically, the injuries suffered in a semi and truck accident are more severe, the questions of proof will demand expert opinion and testimony, and the availability of million-dollar liability coverage means that every detail of your claim will be scrutinized and contested.

Dallas Norton, your truck accident attorney in Denver knows how to meet the challenges of truck accident litigation on behalf of plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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We can help with accidents ranging from taxis to semi trucks!

Any accident with a commercial vehicle is likely to present complications. If your crash involved an over-the-road big rig, federal safety regulations will affect the liability of the owner, the driver and any contractors involved with the semi truck or its maintenance.

If your accident involved an RTD bus anywhere in metro Denver or the surrounding region, you’ll need to deal with municipal liability laws and an extremely short statute of limitations. (After the statute of limitations, governmental immunity notice requirements.)

Our Denver semi truck accident law firm helps personal injury clients meet and overcome the challenges of accident litigation involving semi trucks, construction vehicles, delivery vans, public transit buses, private limos and charter vehicles, or any other vehicle operated professionally or for profit.

We also help with the practical problems you might face after the accident.

While your semi truck accident attorneys in Denver is concentrating on presenting your damages claim in the strongest and most convincing terms possible, we’re also available to advise you and intervene with any problems you encounter with medical treatment, insurance coverage, interruption of income, damage to your vehicle or denial of benefits.

Ultimately, however, our goal is to make sure you recover the money you need to support a recovery from serious injuries. In some cases, the objective will be to secure your comfort for many years to come in the case of a permanent injury such as brain injurybroken bonesquadriplegia or amputation.

Choosing a truck accident attorney in Denver is a complicated decision. If you have been involved in a truck accident, ask an experienced truck accident law firm about your rights and legal options.

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