Motor Vehicle Accidents While Working

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If you were hurt in a car, truck or other accident in the course of your employment, you’re probably aware that Colorado workers’ compensation is available to make up for your lost wages and medical expenses. You might not know, however, that you probably also have a right to sue the other driver or negligent person for personal injury damages.

It is important to consider the rights of your workers’ compensation insurance carrier before settling with the at-fault party. Failure to do so could result in lost future workers’ compensation benefits or even a lawsuit against you by your workers’ compensation carrier.

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Personal injury attorney Dallas Norton can help professional drivers maximize their financial recovery following a motor vehicle accident while saving expenses in their workers’ compensation claims.

Workers’ compensation claimants may not need a lawyer right away. The workers’ compensation system, in theory at least, is no-fault and nonadversarial. In other words, the law provides a trade-off for Colorado workers — streamlined access to benefits in exchange for limited coverage for your damages. If you need a workers’ compensation attorney, Norton Law Offices and your strong arm attorney in Denver will assist you at no charge in finding one.

You can collect worker’s compensation benefits and personal injury damages, too.

At Norton Law Offices, our Denver work injury attorneys can monitor the progress of your workers’ compensation claim while investigating and developing a third-party personal injury claim against the party at fault. If you suffered a so-called “scheduled injury” in the accident, workers’ compensation will pay you a fixed amount in addition to weekly benefits based on income while you’re disabled from working.

Our job, meanwhile, is to make sure that you collect the full range of your damages, including pain and suffering, from the negligent person responsible for your injuries. Our attorney’s fee will be based only on your personal injury recovery, not your workers’ compensation benefits.

If you run into problems with your workers’ compensation claim, we can help.

If your benefits are suspended, reduced or terminated early, or if your employer’s insurer disputes the extent of your injuries, we’ll refer you to a knowledgeable lawyer who can help resolve the problem. If your benefits claim proceeds smoothly, however, you might never need the advice of a workers’ compensation attorney.

As strong arm work injury attorneys in Aurora, we represent truck drivers, cab drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers, construction drivers, and anyone else who was hurt in a truck or car accident while working. In some cases, passengers or crew members who weren’t actually driving at the time of the accident will also be able to sue for personal injury damages while collecting workers’ comp benefits. We are also represent workers injured by third parties in non-auto related accidents such as slip and fallsdog bites or other claims.

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