Harmful and Defective Products

Product Design Claims From Harmful And Defective Products

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured or killed by dangerous products that are poorly designed, insufficiently labeled, and/or recklessly manufactured. In such cases, victims are entitled to receive compensation for their injuries, including awards for pain & suffering and punitive damages.

An example of a recent high-profile defective product design claim is the numerous lawsuits and complaints regarding the accelerator, brakes, and safety equipment of Toyota cars and trucks. Claims against Toyota – both individual and class action – are currently working their way through courts in a number of jurisdictions, and the potential for damages is being assessed in the billions of dollars.

Types of Product Design Claims

Each state has its own guidelines for product liability claims, but there are three broad categories that most claims fall into:

Defective Product Design

The basic design of the product is defective and prone to causing injury. Examples are a space heater that catches fire when set to ‘high’, or a computer program that unintentionally reformat your hard drive.

Defective Product Manufacture

An error in the manufacturing or quality control oversight process results in a product likely to cause injury. Examples are a batch of salad contaminated with harmful bacteria, or a new vehicle that is sold with a cracked axle.


The manufacturer fails to provide adequate information or warnings regarding proper use of a product, leading to increased likelihood of injury during use. Examples are a children’s toy that may be a choking hazard, or a drug that has the potential to induce drowsiness or sleep.

The type of claim will help determine the best strategy to proceed with a product design claim, and thereby secure compensation for injury.

The Importance of Legal Representation in Product Design Claims

In the event of injury or death due to a defective product, there exists an entitlement to compensation. In such a case, it is advisable to consult with an experienced litigator in the field of personal injury and defective product liability claims, to ensure that any compensation legally owed may be recovered.

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