Forklift Accidents and Injuries

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Protecting Your Interests in Work Related Accident Claims.

Every year 20,000 workers are seriously injured in forklift related accidents across the United States.  Nearly every business in America uses forklifts to raise, lower and carry loads through tight spaces.  While they are indispensable in warehouses and stockrooms, they do pose a risk .  Nearly 100 workers are killed in forklift related accidents every year, and 25% of all fatalities involving forklifts are due to rollover accidents.

Unfortunately the majority of workers are unaware of the dangers associated with operating a forklift in the workplace. As a result, they may drive carelessly or fail to take the proper safety precautions. When this occurs, they put themselves and everyone around them in danger.

In addition to driver negligence, many companies are also to blame for failing to install or implement the necessary safety protocols. Installation of grab handles, automatic alarms and rear view mirror installation are just a small sampling of equipment that could make forklifts less dangerous. A rollover protection system  can also be installed to prevent the driver from being ejected from the forklift and crushed.

In addition to installing the necessary safety equipment, companies are also responsible to adequately train their staff. Forklift operators need to be trained to handle emergency situations as well as driving responsibly. Supporting staff also need to be trained on  how to maneuver around forklifts safely and responsibly. In addition, companies are also responsible for adequately maintaining their forklifts to ensure that system malfunctioning will not contribute to a forklift accident.

If you or someone you love is injured in a forklift accident, it is important to contact a Denver personal injury attorney immediately to review your case. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries and your attorney will be able to discuss all of your legal options with you. In addition to filing the necessary claims, your attorney can help you file for workman’s compensation and even disability benefits if necessary.

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