Drunk or Hit and Run Drivers

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Injured by a Drunk Driver or Hit-and-Run Motorist? 

The fact of a criminal violation — drunk driving, hit-and-run accident, or injuries caused by an uninsured or unlicensed drivers — can both complicate and streamline your claim for personal injury or wrongful death damages in the aftermath of an accident.

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As drunk driving attorneys we can use police reports and investigative records against drunk drivers.

Regardless of the outcome of a criminal case against the drunk driver who caused your accident, we can use the information generated in the criminal investigation to help prove civil liability against the defendant.

Once we establish negligence or reckless conduct against the driver responsible for the accident, we can focus on questions concerning the amount of your damages and how you will collect them.

If there isn’t enough insurance to cover your full damages, we can proceed against your own under-insured motorist coverage, work toward an order for restitution in the criminal proceedings, or even apply for compensation under county crime victim programs.

Our goal as your Denver drunk driving accident attorneys is to make sure you get access to the money you will need to support your physical recovery and take care of your family. Any car accident case involving a drunk driver or other criminal violation opens up options for making sure that you collect the full range of your damages. In most of these cases, the drunk driver is personally liable for punitive damages or exemplary damages on top of whatever insurance coverage he or she may have.

Our drunk driving attorneys in Aurora also pursue claims involving hit-and-run accidents.

The main problem in hit-and-run accidents is finding the driver at fault. Sometimes careful investigation can lead us to the hit-and-run driver, but more often it’s necessary to file a claim under your uninsured motorist coverage.

In hit-and-run cases, your own insurer fills the shoes of the defendant and basically tries to minimize the driver’s fault, prove negligence on your own part, or deny the extent of your damages.

The same procedure applies to miss-and-run cases — accidents caused by an unidentified driver whose own vehicle avoids the collision.

In these cases, your own insurance company is not your friend, and may not even be a good neighbor – often these insurers need to be reminded of Colorado’s bad faith laws.

Our experience drunk driving attorneys with under-insured and uninsured motorist claims can help ensure that you get the full benefit of your insurance coverage when you need it.

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