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There are dog bites and there are dog bites that require legal attention. If a dog you know well gives you a one-time chomp when roughhousing, you should probably just clean the wound out and get on with the rest of your life. If you’re attacked by a strange dog off the leash on the street or in a park, however, you might be lucky to escape with your life.

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Colorado negligence law relating to animal attacks can be complicated, and you will probably need professional advice to recover the full range of damages that could result from the incident.

Colorado law has an unusual approach to liability for dog bites.

Colorado follows a somewhat different rule. Until recently, an owner could be held liable for personal injury damages caused by the dog only if the owner has been on notice of the dog’s likelihood to attack. This was known as the “one free bite” rule. The law now allows you to recover certain damages whether or not the owner knew of the dogs vicious propensities.

Types of Non Bite Injuries:

Dogs can injury people in a variety of ways. Even dog’s that are not aggressive can become overly playful and get carried away, causing injury to unsuspecting people. Dogs scratches that may seem mild at first can easily become infected, causing severe septicemia, cellulitis and even loss of limb. Deep scratches and lacerations may require multiple stitches or plastic surgery to fully correct and victims may still be left with permanent scarring.

Besides scratching, dogs can also trip, knock over and run into unsuspecting individuals causing a variety of sprains, muscle tears and even broken bones. Many of these injuries may be covered by the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy and a Colorado dog bite attorney will be able to fully investigate your case to determine who is responsible for your injuries and your medical expenses.

While most of the dog laws in the United States center around dog bites themselves, the laws do offer some protection from non bite injuries. In general, dog owners are responsible for injuries their dog causes if they had prior knowledge of their dog’s aggressive propensities. Dog owner’s can also be held liable for injuries if there was negligence involved. An experienced dog bite attorney in Denver with extensive knowledge of Colorado’s dog laws is crucial to understanding your legal rights and choosing the legal path that is right for you.

As your dog bite attorneys in Aurora, we know how to prove liability and damages in dog bite cases.

At Norton Law Offices we know how to investigate dog bite cases to give you the strongest possible chance of success even in “first-bite” cases. What breed was the dog? What measures did the owner take to protect you or the general public? How was the dog treated or trained? Did the attack occur where small children were likely to be present? Was the dog provoked?

Whether or not the dog involved in your case had bitten people before, the owner may be held liable for your medical expenses under Colorado law. In severe cases involving extensive trauma to soft tissues or nerves, these can be very substantial. We know how to document damages claims in dog bite cases so that any future treatment or surgery will be covered in your demand. Cases involving extensive facial disfigurement or scars might require successive rounds of surgery.

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