Denver’s “Taxis on Patrol” Program: New Eyes & Ears to Help Police | Denver Car Accident Attorney

A recently-initiated public vigilance program using Denver taxi drivers appears to have borne good fruit, according to a 7News story about a fatal hit-and-run DUI accident that happened on January 22, 2011.

The accident, in which a newbie parking valet was struck and killed by a pickup carrying four allegedly-illegal immigrants, was observed by a taxi driver trained under the Denver Police Department’s “Taxis on Patrol” (TOP) program. The program trains taxi drivers to act as first responders to provide law enforcement authorities with useful information about car accidents or suspicious activity while on their routes.

After observing the accident, the helpful driver followed the hit-and-run vehicle as it left the accident scene and relayed license-tag number and other information to police, resulting in the capture of the fugitive suspects, who remain in custody. The driver was alleged to have been driving under the influence of alcohol at the time of the fatal accident.

The Denver TOP program has drawn much favorable public notice, and maintains an active dialog with taxi drivers and the public through Facebook. This group hopes to continue to achieve great successes by reporting drunk drivers, car accidents, fires, crimes, and other emergencies throughout the Denver-Aurora area.

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