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Proof of Damages Claims in Brain Injury Accidents:

It’s often easier to settle a severe brain injury case for a large figure than it is to prove damages in a mild traumatic brain injury lawsuit. When the symptoms are subject to dispute and the prognosis for a full recovery is uncertain, the defendant’s insurer will be very much tempted to fight your case to the end. Contact Denver brain injury attorneys now!

When you need help establishing your right to compensation for brain injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident, trucking accident, or car accident, contact a knowledgeable brain injury attorney in Denver at Norton Law Offices.

Our experience with the presentation and proof of claims in head injury cases can protect your interest in collecting full compensation.

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Brain injury lawyer Dallas Norton knows how to investigate and present claims for brain injuries ranging from concussion to severe brain damage or extended coma.

In the less severe range of cases, known medically as mild or moderate traumatic brain injury, symptoms are often subtle and subject to change over time as the patient’s brain develops microscopic scar tissue during the healing process.

The combination of a blunt force blow and this gradual healing process can account for symptoms such as memory loss, personality change, sleep or appetite disorders, and other problems that can be very difficult for both the victim and his or her family.

There are a number of areas of the brain that should be evaluated, including Occipital Lobe injuries, Temporal Lobe injuries, and Parietal Lobe injuries.

At Norton Law Offices, our brain injury lawyers in Aurora work with medical and rehabilitative experts as necessary to explain the full range of your brain injury symptoms to make sure that your damages are documented and taken seriously by the defendant and its insurer.

In some cases, we depend on neuropsychologists who can relate the physical dynamics of a car or truck accident to particular symptoms or behavioral changes.

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