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Recent changes to Colorado law give people the right to hold their insurance companies accountable for unfair claim settlement practices. You may be able to collect up to double your actual damages and your attorney’s fees if your insurer acts in bad faith. Basically, “bad faith” is when your own insurance company treats you unfairly or beneath the standard of care. Norton Law Offices keeps your insurance company honest.

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Denver bad faith insurance attorney Dallas Norton has a thorough understanding of Colorado’s Unfair Claim and Settlement Practices Act. He can show you how the act’s provisions can protect you from bad faith insurance practices so that coverage problems won’t add insult to injury after a car accident or casualty loss at home.

Examples of prohibited bad faith insurance practices include the following:

• Unreasonable delays in responding to your claim or investigating your loss

• Persistent attempts to settle claims at unreasonably low amounts

• Dishonest or inaccurate reasons for denying a claim

• Unfairly using the threat of cancellation as leverage to force a low settlement

• Using repeated or conflicting requests for information as a delaying tactic as pressure to force a low settlement

State law addresses many other common tactics characteristic of bad faith insurance practices. Whether a particular practice will support a lawsuit generally depends on the facts of your case. Several different unfair practices in the same situation, however, will usually present a strong sign of bad faith on the part of your insurer.

As your bad faith insurance attorneys we also handle insurance problems concerning personal injury claims you’re defending.

The advice of a Denver bad faith insurance lawyer who knows how to put an insurance company on notice of your rights is often enough to increase the likelihood of fair treatment. We can help you both in first-party claims — cases where you need your insurer to cover your loss — and third-party claims — cases where you need coverage for claims brought by someone else against you.

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