Vehicle-Pedestrian Collision Leaves Two Injured | Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

Working, playing, or even walking near busy roadways may lead to serious collisions with vehicles, especially in low visibility areas, night time, or away from designated crosswalks. The road can be a very dangerous place with drunk drivers, inclement weather conditions and distracted drivers. 9 News has reported about a vehicle-pedestrian collision in Denver that left two pedestrians in serious condition on Wednesday afternoon. The West High School assistant wrestling coach and his 16 year old grandson was hit off of 9th and Fox Street while trying to get ready for a meet. The car that hit the two pedestrians was traveling west when the accident occurred. Both victims were taken to a local hospital with severe injuries. The incident is still being investigated but the driver of the vehicle did get out and help the two victims immediately following the accident.

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According to the Pedestrian Safety Guide, in 2003, around 5,000 people were reported to have died due to vehicle-pedestrian accidents. The guide goes on to describe common factors in these types of collisions. For example, most pedestrians that are hit by vehicles tend to be male and they tend to occur out side of a marked intersection. Pedestrians are vulnerable to serious injuries if hit by a vehicle that could lead to devastating medical bills and emotional trauma.

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