Thornton Robbery Suspect Killed in Car Crash – Denver Accident Attorney

The Denver Post has reported that a man who fled the scene of a robbery was killed after his SUV raced off the road into a ditch late Wednesday evening. Two others were involved in the incident. One suspect left the scene of the robbery on foot and has not been found. A woman who was a passenger in the SUV that crashed was transported to Denver Health Medical Center where she remains in critical condition. The attempted robbery took place in Thornton and the ensuing car chase traveled northwest for nearly 17 miles before the suspected robber crashed his vehicle. The names of the victim and his passenger have not been released.

According to an article posted by the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, at least one person dies everyday “as a result of a police pursuit.” There are several states that do not have mandatory reporting systems in place to report such fatalities and therefore the article suggests that the number mentioned above should be higher. The article also claims that nearly 42% of those killed in police pursuit accidents are innocent bystanders.

Luckily, no innocent bystanders were killed in the police pursuit that began in Thornton. The sad fact is that innocent people are injured and killed everyday as the result of police pursuits. If you have been injured as the result of such an accident, you need a Denver car accident attorney to assist you with your legal options. Dallas Norton has years of experience working on Colorado car accident cases and he will put his experience to work for you. Call attorney Dallas Norton today at (720) 600-4670.