Snow Storm Causes Problems for the Metro Area | Denver Vehicle Accident Attorney

According to The Denver Post, the most recent snow storm to hit the metro area caused just as much stress as it did accidents. Traffic was reduced to a slow crawl while cars struggled with snow covered icy roads. Due to a dramatic dip in temperature combined with a steady snowfall, commuters throughout the Front Range were met with a slew of traffic delays and accidents. The Denver Police Department reported around 300 accidents were caused due to the harsh winter driving conditions. Part of the problem was the rapidness of the cold front that caught many off guard. One day it was 60 degrees and sunny and the next is below 20 and snowing. Living in Denver, motorist have to be prepared for sudden changes in weather as well as traffic.

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Inclement weather such as snow, ice and freezing temperatures are all factors that make driving in Colorado difficult. Being aware of up to date road conditions and driving carefully through winter advisory areas could help avoid unnecessary traffic accidents. With a few more months of winter ahead of us, driving appropriately for the road conditions is important to remember.

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