Mother of Child Fall Victim Evicted – Denver Personal Injury Attorney

The Colorado Springs Gazette has released a story about a single mother who was evicted from her apartment “five weeks after her 15-month-old son slipped through the railings of an indoor stairwell” at the apartment complex and died. The single mother, Adrianna Spedilari, was ordered to leave her apartment on the 8th of September after failing to pay back rent and late fees on the 1st. Spedilari was able to pay all rent owed plus late fees on the 17th but was still required to move out of her unit by the end of the month.

Spedilari and the father of her child, Christopher R. Perez, are represented by Denver attorney Sommer Luther. On Monday, Luther filed a motion on their behalf “requesting that the eviction action be dismissed and replaced with a lawsuit against the apartment owner.” The motion states that their lawsuit will claim that the railing spaces were too wide,“creating a hazard for small children” and that apartment owner failed both to replace the railings and to warn tenants of the danger the railing posed.

The apartment complex is part of Cedar Crest Properties, owned by Terry Ragan. The Gazette, it turns, ran a series in 2003 on numerous problems found in Ragan owned properties throughout Colorado Springs. Ragan was unavailable for questioning at the time of this story.

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