Good Samaritan a Victim of a Hit-and-Run – Denver Personal Injury Attorney

A Good Samaritan became a victim herself early Wednesday morning when she stopped to help a man who had crashed his motorcycle. KDVR Denver (Fox 31) reports that Justine Vasquez and her sister stopped their car on Highway 6 near Perry Street to check on the man when Justine was struck by another motorcycle. Justine’s sister said, “she saw her face, she was like so bloody, I didn’t know what happened, she just kept blacking out in my arms.” The Good Samaritan sustained “a concussion, black eyes, scrapes and needed 20 stitches in her leg.” The biker who hit Justine actually left behind his bike and his cell phone. Police haven’t arrested the biker yet but are confident they will soon.

According to 2003 stats recorded at DeadlyRoads, 4 people die in the US everyday as the result of hit-and-run accidents. The Good Samaritan reported in the story above is lucky to be alive. What’s more, with the evidence left at the scene, she will more than likely find justice and compensation for her injuries.

In situations like this, when you or someone you know has been the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you need a qualified and compassionate Denver Personal Injury Attorney to help you through the legal process. Dallas Norton has the experience and expertise you need. For a free consultation and review of your case contact the Norton Law Offices at (720) 600-4670.

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