Fire Accidents

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Fire accidents have an increased likelihood of creating double-jeopardy consequences for the victims: intense pain & suffering due to burn injuries, and damage to or destruction of property.  Both of these outcomes can lead to severe economic dislocation, and the need to secure compensation for costly medical treatment and replacement of property.

Anyone who has been injured or suffered loss of property due to a fire accident should seek the advice of a competent attorney to investigate the full range of options available for compensation and satisfaction of potential legal claims.

Lasting Injuries from Fire Accidents

Fire accidents are notorious for causing lasting injuries that require extensive rehabilitation, and for health consequences that may persist for the lifetime of the victim:

  • First-degree burns, though they are the mildest type, can take weeks to heal, during which time the victim may experience severe discomfort and disability.
  • Second-degree burns take longer to heal, subject the victim to intense pain and marked disability, and can lead to permanent scarring, or require a skin graft to properly heal.
  • Third-degree burns require months of expensive treatments to heal, inflict agonizing pain, and almost always create lifelong consequences for the victim and their loved ones: scarring & disfigurement, diminished or lost mobility, and lasting disability.

Any fire accident can also inflict lasting emotional trauma and resultant suffering that has both near-term and persistent consequences.

Property Damage from Fire Accidents

Property damage or destruction is a common result of a fire accident, making fire insurance one of the most common forms of property protection in the world.  Fixing liability resolves conflicting claims over who must pay to replace lost property, often providing relief to the victim.  It is important to note that damage and destruction are not limited to obvious damage from the fire itself, but include smoke and water damage, among other causes.

Legal Rights of Fire Accident Victims

With both health and property at risk, fire accidents can have an enormous impact on victims… an impact that is often not apparent in the immediate aftermath of the catastrophe.  Victims of a fire accident should seek legal counsel as soon as possible to establish their rights and review their potential for compensation.  Once liability is fixed, claims and damages are often the responsibility of one or more insurance companies, freeing the victim from the economic impact of the disaster and allowing a return to health and prosperity as soon as possible.

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