Cell Phone App Designed to Save Lives | Denver Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

According to 9 News, a new app, aimed at keeping driving distractions at a minimum, was created after a father was fearful that cell phones are too much of a distraction for teen drivers to ignore. The creator of the app started making this cell phone app two years ago. The app called, Life Before Text, is designed to block calls, texts and emails while driving a vehicle. Distracted driving habits are an extremely dangerous problem that causes numerous accidents every year. This app is set to work with parents to make sure the driver does not look at the phone while driving because the app blocks tempting incoming data while the car is in motion. Emergency calls can still be made and emails will be sent out to parents if the app is adjusted or removed. The thought is to put your phone away and remove all temptation to look at it while operating a moving vehicle.

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Driving is a huge responsibility and many people do not realize how dangerous using your cell phone while driving can be. Getting phone calls, texts, and emails is dangerous for all drivers due to taking your eyes off of the road and attention away from driving. Many tragic accidents happen due to distracted driving and it is up to all of us to do everything and anything we can to make sure we pay attention to the road.

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